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London’s The Loft inspires summertime socialising with Out of Home International

Following a campaign earlier this month which promoted the launch of new club night ‘On Point’ at Brixton’s Plan B venue, the entertainment hub is extending its partnership with Out of Home International in an upcoming campaign to publicise sister watering hole The Loft. Located on Clapham High Street, The Loft will experience a brand elevation initiative through the use of lift escalator panels at both Clapham North and Clapham Junction London Underground and Overground stations, running for 12 weeks from the 3rd June.

The Loft Campaign -  Lift Escalator Panels

A series of artwork will catapult the brand to transport users in South West London, focusing individually on cocktails, beers or food. One creative adopts a muted stone green background accompanied by the strapline ‘2*4*1 cocktails everyday’, with the second version opting for a deep red canvas promoting ‘2*4*1 beers everyday’. The third advert utilises a mustard colour scheme, displaying the text ‘great brunch & roasts’. Each artwork clearly exhibits a logo for The Loft, underlined by the words ‘cocktail bar & diner’ and fitted with a graphic image that corresponds to the focal point of each advert. All panels include a black banner promoting The Loft, populated with statements such as ‘Time Out best bar’ or ‘London’s most decadent burgers’, and contact information takes the form of The Loft address and website.

Located on the first floor at 67 Clapham High Street, The Loft offers an elevated perspective on the surrounding flurry of a cosmopolitan city. With an astute pride that spans their drinks menu, food standards and interior design, the synthesis of bar, restaurant and social establishment gained The Loft a place as Time Out’s best bar in 2008. Most items on the food menu relax beneath the £10 mark, including a selection of tapas-style dishes covering a variety of cuisines, and the drinks selection covers everything from the staple Mojito and endless world beers to glasses of prosecco and 18 varieties of tequila.

The Loft  Campaign - London - LEP

As pioneers of the outdoor media spectrum, Transport Media have gained an extensive portfolio of clients in England’s capital. A comprehensive knowledge of the city means that Transport Media are thus able to guide The Loft towards an effective marketing solution, providing access to a relevant demographic. By targeting the local London stops at Clapham North (Underground) and Clapham Junction (Overground), the campaign will unavoidably blanket an audience most likely to access the area. The lift escalator panel format offers an extended dwell time for passengers as they ascend or descend station entrances, targeting every member of the public who enters the transport network.