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Knowsley Pedals Towards the Finish Line with Out of Home International

Out of Home International is assisting Knowsley Council in promoting Stage 3 of The Tour of Britain cycle race, which will be held in the borough on the 17th September.

6 sheet billboards in Knowsley, Manchester, St Helens and Warrington will run for 2 weeks from mid-July, supplemented by a one-day Advan presence on Sunday the 25th August in central Knowsley. High-impact advertising will come in the form of 48 sheet billboards, creating amplified awareness in the neighbouring cities of Liverpool and Manchester on the 29th July and 26th August respectively.

A cyclist washed in a warm glow comprises the advert background, fronted by the headline ’17 September…it’s back!’ and endorsed by Knowsley Cycling, Knowsley Council and Tour of Britain logos. The Discover Knowsley website is presented beneath the creative, encouraging onlookers to pursue event details and ‘find out more’.

Knowsley Council - 6 sheet Billboard

Consisting of multiple stages, The Tour of Britain race will see over a hundred of the world’s top cyclists competing as it travels from Scotland and then continues around the UK. Dating back to World War II, the event has gradually increased its number of stages and now visits 8 locations, culminating with a London final on the 22nd September.

Benefiting from the industry support of Out of Home International, Knowsley Council will effectively expose The Tour of Britain across a relevant section of North West England, covering major access points in the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. The 6 sheet format offers swift communication of the campaign message, reinforced by the omnipresent coverage granted from 48 sheet billboards. By targeting Knowsley and surrounding locations, the campaign will attract local tourism in relation to the race, utilising the mobile public coverage provided by an Advan in closer proximity to the event date.