Out Of Home Advertising Updates

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JCDecaux Experiential Division

Having acquired the experiential marketing brand Concourse Initiatives back in 2011, global media owner JCDecaux yesterday launched their own comprehensive replacement – JCDecauxLive. Chief executive of JCDecaux UK and Northern Europe, Jeremy Male, highlighted the new division as:

“a ‘one-stop-shop’ for experiential, reaching audiences at multiple environments across the UK”.

Offering advertisers the opportunity to target audiences through a multi-faceted and intuitive approach, JCDecauxLive builds on the company’s existing outdoor portfolio, presenting experiential marketing across train stations, the London Underground network, UK airports, Canary Wharf, premium shopping centres and event sites. This pioneering development will allow brands to connect experiential activity in malls and stations to elevated, large-format digital Transvision and M-Vision screens.

Experimental Outdoor Advetising

Media Agency Group CEO Lee Dentith said:

“As the outdoor industry continues to expand and innovate, JCDecauxLive is perfectly timed to provide a stepping stone between existing formats and endless future possibilities. The public love immersive experiences, and so enabling advertisers to integrate such features into their campaigns will unlock doors to additional audiences and fuel heightened creativity. The flexibility and insight available with experiential advertising guarantees a closer relationship between brands and their target audience, also enhancing the potential of social media.”