Out Of Home Advertising Updates

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Jackson-Stops and Staff Elevate Their Property Services With Out Of Home International

National estate agent Jackson-Stops and Staff has opted for the marketing expertise of Out of Home International in a regional campaign to promote their new flagship Surrey office. From the 6th May, 48 sheet billboard advertising will be present in Weybridge for a total of 6 weeks, facilitating brand awareness for the company through South East England.

A headline reading ‘welcome home’ opens the advert, using charcoal and red text upon a light grey background. The Weybridge branch address lies beneath a paragraph of copy that invites onlookers to “visit our new address in Weybridge”, accompanied by a rough silhouette sketch of the town. The Jackson-Stops and Staff logo is positioned on the right hand side, overlapping onto a dark lower border which houses social media call to action, a web address and several contact numbers.

Jackson Stops Staff - 48 Sheet Billboard - Weybridge

Out of Home International possess a thorough history of professional industry experience, allowing Jackson-Stops and Staff to benefit from an effectively planned marketing strategy. The 48-sheet billboard format takes a prominent position in the outdoor advertising sphere, allowing longer dwell time to cement brands amongst the public. A 6 week duration also provides high-impact coverage of the region, offering repeat viewings to local residents and extending potential exposure for sporadic visitors.