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Enfield Leisure promotes multi-million pound redevelopment using Outdoor Advertising

Southgate Leisure Centre Ticket Gates

Following a multi-million pound redevelopment Out of Home International is to launch a multi format Outdoor Advertising campaign for Enfield Leisure in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle to raise awareness of the new Southgate Leisure Centre.

The Outdoor Advertising campaign will run for 4 weeks in Southgate London Underground station, three minutes away from the new centre and features on escalator panels, 4 sheets and ticket gate ways.

Ticket gateway advertising is a truly unavoidable media as it requires audiences to actually walk through advertising messages, making them fully interactive and unmissable, 4 sheets and lift escalator support the media and reinforce the message to ensure Fusion Lifestyle take over the underground station with their campaign.

The tightly targeted campaign gives Fusion Lifestyle high impact, blanket coverage in the area, ensuring commuters have high opportunity to see the exclusive free joining offer and two months free membership, whilst raising awareness of the new centre in Southgate from.

The advertising creative features a QR code for commuters to scan whilst passing through the station to get more information.

Direct communications are a vital tool when trying to encourage behaviour change and Outdoor Advertising is a medium that can target people when simply engaged in their day to day activities. The message can be seen and shared by everyone in the public space and is important for creating a buzz around a new service.

Since the redevelopment Southgate Leisure Centre now includes a brand new 90 station gym with state of the art equipment, a sprung floor group exercise studio, indoor cycling studio, café, remodelled reception, brand new contemporary changing and refurbished pool.