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Emerge Space Programme Takes Off with The Late Night Salon and Out Of Home International

The Late Night Salon 6 Sheet BillboardsThe Late Night Salon has enlisted Out Of Home International to literally launch a billboard campaign for Emerge energy drinks.

The “Get Your Face Into Space” campaign will be featured throughout Glasgow from April 21st, in a two week promotion to encourage people to enter the Emerge Space Programme.

The heavily space-themed six sheet ads come as part of Emerge’s nationwide competition to send a model replica of someone into space. Or, in the words of the Emerge Facebook website – “a wibbly wobbly spaceman model”.

Using the effective format of six sheet advertising throughout the city, The Late Night Salon and Emerge will capture the interest of audiences across Glasgow with this unique and engaging creative.

Images of Emerge product dominate the campaign, with “get your face into space” repeated throughout the ad. Entry details and contact information are clearly displayed as a call to action to encourage budding astronauts to get involved. The competition’s hashtag – #yourfaceinspace is also featured to initiate social interaction and help further spread the campaign message.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Out Of Home International parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“Six sheets are an ideal format to communicate Emerge’s message to consumers on the move. Featuring the billboard adverts across some of Glasgow’s busiest and most populous areas will create and maintain awareness; encouraging consumers to enter for this once in a lifetime opportunity.”