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Custom designed QR Code spans billboards promoting the University of Bristol

Out of Home International and TMP Worldwide are to launch an interactive billboard campaign from the 28th November 2011 for the University of Bristol, who have ranked within the top 15 Universities in the 2012 league table.

Out Of Home International - University of Bristol - Billboard Advertising

The University chose Outdoor Advertising to promote additional places for study in 2012. Ream Demnati, Outdoor Consultant at Out of Home International worked on a proposal with branding experts TMP Worldwide and Peloton Design to create a tightly targeted Out-of-home billboard campaign to showcase the custom QR code in the design of The Clifton Suspension Bridge, the symbol of the city of Bristol.

The billboards will feature in Birmingham New Street station and Paddington for six weeks from Monday. Out of Home International and TMP Worldwide specifically chose Birmingham New Street Station to feature six sheets as the University receives a high number of applications from prospective students in the West Midlands. Out of Home International and TMP Worldwide targeted London Paddington station to feature a 48 sheet dominating the station as the University wished to target the diverse audience that travels through the station in their thousands.

London Paddington station will be the host of an impressive 48 sheet displaying the QR Code Bridge to commuters as they enter the station. The QR code offers an interactive experience, and when scanned directs the user to an exclusive section of theUniversityofBristol’s website offering information on the location, the people and the institution itself.

David Alder, Director of Communications and Marketing at the University of Bristol said:  “As one of the most highly sought after universities in the UK, it was important to ensure people knew that we were now able to offer a small number of additional places for study.  We regularly have to turn away a significant number of high-achieving individuals due to the huge competition for places atBristoland so getting this message out there was very important.

It was also important that whatever we did to get the message out there had to live up to the extremely high academic standards and overall world-class reputation of the University – hence the rather clever use of QR code in the design creative and the use of the design out of doors, meaning that more people could actually interact with it and discover what the ad is trying to get across.  We’re aware that this is pushing the boundaries a bit in terms of how QR code can be used, and we’re pretty excited.  We hope people like it.”

Out of Home International recommended rail station advertising in order to showcase theUniversityofBristol’s campaign directly to their target audience. Research from TGI (2009) found that regular rail users are among the most ambitious people in the country and they believe education will help them achieve their goals. Key findings from the TGI confirmed that 37% of frequent rail users want to be top of their career and that 94% agree that it’s important to continue learning; 29% of those surveyed are more likely than the average to still be studying.

The campaign for The University of Bristol will take advantage of a captive audience, and the high dwell time travellers experience at rail stations. The billboards will be seen by the 48% of frequent rail users which desire a life full of challenge, novelty and change and will put the required effort into achieving this by way of education, TGI (2009).

Theresa Petersen, Internal Account Manager from TMP Worldwide said: “TheUniversityofBristolhas a superb reputation both as an education provider and as an employer. TMP Worldwide is delighted to be supporting them in promoting their marketing communications in new and interesting ways.”

“I am extremely pleased to acquire TMP Worldwide as a client of Out of Home International. The partnership has allowed us to extend our Outdoor Advertising portfolio and feature one of the best educational institutes thatEnglandhas to offer” Ream Demnati, Outdoor Consultant at Out of Home International.

Visit oohinternational.co.uk for more examples of our Out of Home Advertising Solutions, or www.tmpw.co.uk for innovative recruitment communication ideas.

Visit www.bristol.ac.uk to find out more about the University.

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