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Connex Education Targets Trainee Employees

Educational recruitment agency Connex Education are launching an outdoor marketing strategy with Out of Home International, advertising positions for Trainee Recruitment Consultants within the company. 6 sheet billboards will be present across the locations of Warrington and Birmingham from the 17th June, remaining in place for a 2 week duration.

Connex - 6 Sheet - Birmingham

A central photo depicts a smiling group of young adults, preceded by the headline ‘Connex Education are looking for Trainee Recruitment Consultants in’ followed by either ‘Birmingham’ or ‘Warrington’. The Connex Education logo and website join the picture to the lower half of the artwork, which expands the job advertisement and provides telephone contact details.

The versatile outdoor media capabilities of Out of Home International allow Connex Education to pinpoint a solution for their objectives. With recruitment possibilities in Warrington and Birmingham, the logical step is to target audiences in those locations, with the 6 sheet billboards being implemented along key pedestrian or transport corridors. The 6 sheet format generates a positive engagement with onlookers thanks to its digestible size, offering prompt communication of the advertising message on a hig-frequency basis.