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Collingwood School Promotes Open Morning with Out Of Home International

collingwood 4 sheet billboardIndependent Co-Ed prep school, Collingwood School in Wallington, is working with Out Of Home International to launch a campaign promoting their upcoming open morning.

A four week bus rear campaign will run from April 14th, featuring on buses in the Wallington area and reaching out to audiences across Surrey. Corresponding 4 sheet billboard ads will be displayed at Wallington train station from April 21st for two weeks.

The adverts display practical and informative information about the school, including how to book a tour appointment and the exact visiting dates and times.

The school’s branding and colours are used throughout, with an interactive QR code featured to encourage interested audiences to research more about the school in their own time.

Bus rears are an ideal advertising format to reach a captive audience of drivers and passengers whilst they’re waiting in traffic, as well as pedestrians on the move.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“We are pleased to launch this campaign for Collingwood School by utilising highly effective bus rear advertising with the undeniable and attention-grabbing rail four sheets. This dual campaign will allow the school to spread its message throughout the local community and reach its targeted audience, successfully.”