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Clipper Ventures Give Ireland An Extraordinary Homecoming

Billboard Advertising Clipper VentureClipper Ventures is using a high impact outdoor campaign from Out of Home International to promote the Derry~Londonderry stopover in the world’s longest ocean race.

Celebrations took place this weekend as the Derry-Londonderry yachting team participating in Clipper Round the World – ‘The Race Of Your Life’, sailed victoriously into Ireland after a gruelling 40,000 miles at sea.

During this leg of the race, 48 sheet and Europanel billboards have, and continue to saturate Ireland throughout the second half of June. Belfast, Derry, Carrikfergus, Castlereah, Glengormley and Dublin all house the campaign, which advertises the “extraordinary homecoming” of the Derry-Londonderry-Dorie yacht.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the only event of its type – inviting anyone, regardless of experience, to become a crew member and join the adventure of circumnavigating the world in an eleven month-long marathon.

The race is divided in to a series of eight legs and crews can decide to race one of them, select a combination of legs or sign up to become a round the world crew member and complete the full circumnavigation.

The use of high impact 48 sheets and Europanel billboards is a fantastic way to demand attention from audiences throughout Ireland, encouraging them to get behind their local crew and support the homecoming event.

The striking, powerful adverts use an image of a yacht with the strapline “No ordinary race, no ordinary crew”. The event dates and a website address are also included in the design, as a means of encouraging audiences to discover more about the race thanks to Clipper Ventures’ dedicated website.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Out of Home International parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“Roadside billboards provide high quality coverage and frequency, and are perfect for targeting an audience of this scale. This powerful campaign highlights a fantastic event for the whole of Ireland; one which deserves the prominence of this high impact advertising format to ensure Ireland gets behind its crew.”