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Brixton’s Plan B Feels the Beat with Out of Home International

Out of Home International is promoting nocturnal leisure with a London Underground campaign for Brixton’s award-winning venue Plan B. For 12 weeks Brixton tube station will contain lift escalator panels in promotion of new Plan B club night ‘On Point’, which launches its weekly Friday slot into the hip-hop, house, bass and RnB cosmos on the 3rd May.


A purple-infused background of a club crowd provides an advert base, fronted by the stylised title ‘On Point’ followed by cursive typography communicating the musical environment – hip-hop, house, bass and RnB. A decorative white stamp is used to relay the event launch date, with a pink strip banner spanning the bottom of the advert to provide the material ‘every Friday at Plan B’. A list of DJs gracing the occasion is listed centrally in alternating shades of white and fuchsia.

Plan B - Brixton - LEP

Out of Home International’s knowledge of the outdoor advertising arena allows them to effectively implement the marketing objectives set by Plan B. A three-minute walk from the venue, Brixton Underground station is a prime location for promoting the club night, with the lift escalator panel format ensuring that every single tube user is exposed to the advert. With over 20million annual users, the station offers Plan B an unrivalled and high-impact opportunity to target its local audience as well as those commuting from surrounding areas of London.