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Bangor University London Business School Makes an Impact on the Underground with OOH International

Out of Home International is working alongside Bangor University on an exciting London Underground advertising campaign. 50 lift and escalator panel advertisements are on show across Underground Zones 1 and 2, promoting the university’s widely-recognised postgraduate courses at its London-based business campus. The campaign has offered high-exposure of the ads since it launched on the network earlier in June.

Bangor University London LEP

The advertisements feature a stunning shot of London’s main financial district, home to Bangor University’s business school. The ads encourage prospective students to visit the campus on upcoming open days, with a range of MBA, MSc and MA degrees available to study in fields such as banking, finance, accounting and investment management.

Advertising on lift and escalator panels (LEPs) on the London Underground network is a fantastic way to reach a large and diverse audience, with the advertisements in a prime position for the public to absorb as they enter or exit the station.

Bangor’s London-based business school is recognised as one of the world’s top 20 facilities for banking research, and is the first UK university to introduce an MBA in banking and finance. Based at Broadgate Tower, Bangor Business School London Centre brings Bangor University’s first-class education and research expertise to the heart of London’s financial district.

Managing Director of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“Out of Home International is very pleased to have coordinated this new London Underground campaign alongside Bangor University, promoting its first-class London-based business school. The LEPs across Zones 1 and 2 will ensure high exposure of this campaign and encourage students to apply for the upcoming courses which start in September and January.”