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Al Manar Promotes Its Cardiff Centre With Out Of Home International

Al Manar Islamic centre has launched a series of outdoor advertisements in South Wales, appointing Out Of Home International to manage their promotional campaign. Alongside supporting the Muslim community, the registered charity plays a role in raising awareness of the Islamic religion within a largely Christian nation. In December 2012, Out Of Home International implemented a multi-format outdoor strategy which encompassed the use of both single-decker bus streetliners and 6-sheet billboards – in a continuation of their brand elevation, Al Manar have scheduled additional 4-sheet billboards to be present during March.

4 Sheet Billboard

The advert uses strong red, green and golden colours as backgrounds to a series of noticeable and direct statements. With e-mail and telephone information clearly visible, Al Manar are using the promotional material to offer a free book on ‘Muhammad’ with the intention of broadening public understanding of the Muslim faith. The attention-grabbing typography is underscored by an Al Manar Centre logo, an image of the book, and a testimonial supporting Islam.


Out Of Home International specialises in the planning and implementation of outdoor advertising campaigns, allowing Al Manar to be fully supported in their requirements. Bus streetliners are an effective method of reaching pedestrians on a street level, and, teamed with advertising on 6-sheet billboards, the campaign successfully reached its target audience local to the centre. The decision to supplement the original advertising strategy with 4-sheet billboards will enable the Al Manar brand to further secure its brand within the public domain.