Rochdale Road / Queens Road

Advertise across one of the leading UK cities, Manchester, with a backlit 96 sheet billboard from media specialists Out of Home International.

Situated at the junction of Rochdale Road and Queens Road at the north end of the inner city, the billboard dominates traffic and pedestrians along a chief arterial road.

Targeting traffic heading into the city, the 12 x 3m backlit billboard gives unrivalled exposure both day and night, and in any weather conditions. Standing across a major road intersection, the site offers exposure across a consistent audience of road users and pedestrians.

Placed along the northern edge of central Manchester, the Rochdale Road billboard is an effective platform for targeting local residents and commuters with a diverse range of campaigns. The platform is also in close proximity to the Museum of Transport, enabling advertisers to gain extended exposure to the city’s visiting public.

2.6 million residents put Manchester glaringly on the map, following London as a UK leader across multiple sectors. Now home to the BBC and the growing media centre of MediaCityUK, Manchester continues to play a key role in the arts, making it a regular destination for business leaders. With two universities in the city centre, the banner also has the opportunity to access a significant crowd of active and connected students.

Advertising on Rochdale Road provides the perfect location for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.

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