The Manchester Digital Tower

Project your campaign across the city of Manchester with media specialists Out of Home International, with the double-sided Manchester Digital Tower.

Dominating road users along the major transport corridor of Mancunian Way, the site provides coverage across both eastbound and westbound traffic, enjoying additional dwell time thanks to frequent rush-hour congestion.

Elevated above the dual carriageway, the 6 x 4m illuminated screens give unrivalled exposure both day and night, and in any weather conditions. Positioned in view of a constant travelling audience, Manchester Digital Tower has the power to influence a mixture of regular commuters, residents and inner-city visitors. The junction is also accessed by those travelling between the city centre and Manchester International Airport.

Manchester Digital Tower is moments away from the heart of Manchester’s prevalent retail and social areas, providing an opportunity for advertisers to influence purchasing decisions across an audience who are already in a purchasing mind-set. It also stands en route to Manchester Oxford Road station, part of the four-strong Manchester Station Group, which provides services to Liverpool, Blackpool, Leeds and Manchester Airport.


2.6 million residents put Manchester glaringly on the map, following London as a UK leader across multiple sectors. Now home to the BBC and the growing media centre of MediaCityUK, Manchester continues to play a key role in the arts, making it a regular destination for business leaders. With two universities in the city centre, the banner also has the opportunity to access a significant crowd of active and connected students.


Advertising on Manchester Digital Tower provides the perfect location for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.