Arndale, Manchester

Publicise your brand in Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre with Out Of Home International, showcasing your campaign in the heart of the city with impressions of 1.5million every fortnight.

Arndale Shopping Centre contains 220 high street brands, plus adjacent stores of Selfridges and Marks and Spencer. Located in the city centre, 41% of visitors enter the centre on a weekly basis, with 76% accessing the complex at least once a month. Manchester’s diverse and cosmopolitan audience offers a demographic of 55%ABC1 customers, with 68% of the total figures lying within the ages of 16 and 44.

Advertising formats at Highcross include large format billboards, lift doors, mall 6 sheets, light boxes and restroom panels, with the opportunity to target audiences both internally and externally.

As urbanites travel through this heavily accessed retail environment, your brand could also be seen on ten second digital slots, with digital screens presenting the opportunity to integrate social media content and viewer interactivity.

Average shopping time stands at 74 minutes, with four separate screens located through the centre ready to expose your brand.