Site 76: M4 Junction 1/Chiswick Roundabout

Promote your campaign across the key roundabout at Junction 1 of the M4 with Out of Home International, reaching drivers entering and exiting West London – a primary route for passengers using Heathrow Airport. The dominating digital billboard stands at an elevated position at the intersection, broadcasting your message to an annual footfall of around 76 million people.


Offering a double-sided landscape canvas, Site 76 presents high definition LED screens facing traffic heading in both directions, allowing your advert to stand out at any time and in any weather conditions. The 7.7m x 2.8m creative space is perfect for instantly accessing this constantly busy transport corridor, with additional dwell time granted during periods of congestion.


Site 76 is visible from a distance of 150m, giving your campaign the chance to leave its impact on your audience, engaging significantly with the important urban audiences who live in London, who are travelling on business or who are visiting for leisure. The instantaneous effect of roadside advertising has the power to influence the purchasing intention of audiences, and so is a great opportunity for retail and entertainment brands targeting those heading into the city.


The benefits of digital roadside advertising include substantial campaign flexibility, as advertisers are given the ability to refine their campaign in terms of time of day, traffic direction and even the weather. Site 76 is available as a standalone advert, but can also be incorporated into part of a more widespread campaign.


Advertising on Site 76 provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.