The Spire, Western Ave

Publicise your brand with Out Of Home International, thanks to west London’s The Spire situated on the 10-mile-long Western Avenue.

Presenting two digital display billboards, one facing inbound traffic and one directed at outbound, The Spire targets a monumental audience figure of 918,316 each way every fortnight. That amounts to almost 2million impacts.

The geographical position of The Spire guarantees a business commuter audience, enabling focused and relevant brand targeting. The proximity of Heathrow Airport facilitates an additional stream of airport users, expanding advertising reach to include tourists and international visitors.

With advertisers as prevalent as Nike and BMW, The Spire is a key platform upon which to have your brand permeate the public eye. The positive association between this prime location and the image upon it enables the featured graphic to print a memorable stamp in the minds of passing drivers.