West Cross Tower, London

Advertise across London’s West Cross Tower with outdoor advertising specialists Out of Home International, exposing your brand across a wealth of fashion-oriented members of the public.

Situated at the A40 opening to Westfields Shopping Centre at Shepherd’s Bush, the West Cross Tower can effectively showcase your campaign in a valuable retail location.

The West Cross Tower site presents an imposing structure upon which to project your campaign, reaching the millions of road users travelling through the affluent West London area. Halo lighting allows artwork to be projected from the elevated platform, day or night and in any weather conditions.

As part of London’s outdoor landscape, the West Cross Tower offers high-impact roadside coverage, exposing brands to a key influential audience due to the exclusive surrounding areas of Notting Hill, Kensington and Chelsea. A dominant method of communication, the iconic site is a primary location for fashion and entertainment campaigns. 

The West Cross Tower advertising billboard screens are the perfect format for clients looking to project their campaign with force.

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