The Eye, Holborn

Become a leading presence with Out Of Home International in an area devoid of any significant outdoor advertising – The Eye, Holborn.

Over two miles separate Holborn’s, The Eye from any neighbouring digital advertising platforms, giving the site an exclusive supremacy in a central London location that borders the West End and the City.

Almost half a million people will have access to The Eye per fortnight, comprised primarily of affluent and influential figures. Nearby establishments include Goldman Sachs International and Warner Brothers, demonstrating the calibre of audience which can be reached from the location.

Previous advertisers include leading international brands such as Vogue, Heathrow Airport and Nivea, therefore your brand would be swiftly projected into a category that contains industry frontrunners.

With its energy efficient technology, Holborn’s The Eye is a piece of digital out of home advertising which has the capacity to remain timeless.