Marylebone Tower, London

Expose your brand 24/7 on London’s Marylebone Tower with outdoor advertising specialists Out of Home International.

Offering a golden opportunity for brand exposure across the city’s prime hub of tourists and leisure seekers, Marylebone Tower rests at the gateway to the West End. 

Marylebone Tower stands across the Marylebone Flyover in central London, projecting brands to both road users and pedestrians from a portrait digital screen. 30 second slots rotate within a 120-second loop, offering brands a significant dwell time and the opportunity to showcase multiple artworks on a high resolution platform.

As part of London’s outdoor landscape, Marylebone Tower offers high-impact roadside coverage, exposing brands to a key influential audience due to the significant surrounding retail hubs of Oxford Street and Bond Street. A dominant method of communication, the iconic site is a primary location for fashion and entertainment campaigns.

The Marylebone Tower advertising billboard screens are the perfect format for clients looking to project their campaign with force. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.