Silver Screen M4 – London

Expose your brand to the city of London with Out of Home International, across the large format digital Silver Screen site. Located on the M4 approach towards the city from Heathrow Airport, this site presents a powerful outdoor platform to showcase campaigns amongst a key urban audience.


The double-sided digital platform stands elevated above the motorway, targeting a high footfall of inbound and outbound traffic and reaching impacts of over 2.5 million per fortnight. The site offers a creative solution for captivating a target demographic, with additional coverage thanks to the influx of airport traffic.


The illuminated screens allow artwork to be projected in this influential outdoor location, day or night and in any weather conditions. A primary site for a diverse range of campaigns, particularly travel products, Silver Screen allows brands to engage with an audience who are already prepared to spend.


Silver Screen gives advertisers the chance to reach a 64% ABC1 demographic, spread evenly between male and female audiences, with 82% of onlookers under the age of 55.


Advertising on Silver Screen provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate high-impact expose for their brand. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.