M3 Tower, London

Advertise across London’s M3 Tower with outdoor advertising specialists Out of Home International, targeting a key audience travelling between Hampshire and Central London.

Situated along a major gateway to the south of England, the M3 tower effectively exposes brands to commuter traffic travelling both into and out of the city.

The M3 Tower offers a powerful and double-sided advertising space, generating powerful visibility for your campaign. Halo lighting allows artwork to be projected across 6 traffic lanes, day or night and in any weather conditions.

As part of London’s outdoor landscape, the M3 Tower offers high-impact roadside coverage, exposing brands to a key influential audience due to the neighbouring affluence of Surrey. Free from nearby competition, the iconic site can effectively promote a range of products, events or services to a dense section of road users.

The M3 Tower advertising billboard screens are the perfect format for clients looking to project their campaign with force.

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