M1 Pentavia Tower

Expose your brand across North West London with Out of Home International, the outdoor specialists.

Advertise on the M1 Pentavia Tower and secure a prime position at the northern gateway into the city.

With both inbound and outbound sites, this location close to junction 2 of the M1 has the capacity to thoroughly showcase your advert thanks to its backlit capacity and a lack of nearby rivalry.

Targeting 832,770 inbound and outbound passengers per fortnight, the M1 Pentavia Tower subsequently has the potential to capture over 1.65million impressions if the two platforms are booked as a pair.   

Positioned alongside Pentavia Retail Park in the affluent suburb of Mill Hill, the M1 Pentavia Tower presents a valuable opportunity for targeting retail-focused audiences. By launching your brand from the largest outdoor portrait format, your campaign will benefit from the ability to blanket a high-capacity urban route.