Kingsland High Street

Expose your brand across Kingsland High Street with leading media specialists Out Of Home International, allowing your brand to become an invaluable part of London’s outdoor landscape.

Position your campaign across this high profile urban location in the heart of Dalston, projecting your brand through East London. With its backlit capacity, this site targets pedestrians and road users alike at the key crossroads at Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland Overground stations 

Kingsland High Street exposes your brand to residents across the artistic hub of Dalston, which borders the renowned creative centre of Shoreditch. Targeting a mixture of commuters, tourists and locals, the billboard is a valuable site for promoting products and events in the media industry, whilst also acting as an effective retail marketing platform.

Situated amidst the multi-cultural community of Dalston, Kingsland High Street rests alongside local shops and supermarkets, presenting the perfect opportunity to advertise products to an audience already in a purchasing mind-set.