331 Great West Road

With Out Of Home International, your advert can be broadcast to traffic approaching the Great West Road billboard site.

Located in the Hounslow area, this location allows your brand to become an invaluable part of London’s outdoor landscape.

Position your campaign across this high profile suburban location in the far West of London, situated on a section of the major A4 road which runs towards Bristol. With its backlit 96s presence, this site targets the substantial traffic which constantly traverses this heavily accessed transport route, providing advertising opportunities for both inbound and outbound lanes.

Great West Road exposes your brand across the often congested arterial road on the outskirts of London, offering a longer dwell time during prime travel times. Great West Road targets a mixture of commuters, tourists, shoppers and business travellers, with impressions of 441,674 per fortnight.

Situated just over10.5 miles west of central London, Great West Road is a key promotional spot for either standalone campaigns or as part of a multi-format project.