Four Dials, Westfield Stratford City

Advertise on the 17 X 7 metre Four Dials screen at Westfield Stratford City with advertising specialists Out of Home International.

Targeting shoppers at the entrance of the retail complex, this high definition platform offers brands the opportunity to inject a high-impact statement across an influential urban audience.

Positioned above luxury leather brand Aspinal of London and alongside John Lewis, the LED-illuminated screen behaves as a powerful standalone campaign or as part of the advertising network located around the shopping centre and further into the city of London. Designed to display 20 second advertising spots on a 120 second loop, Four Dials holds extensive creative potential for dominant brand projection.

The full illumination of the digital platform allows artwork to be showcased across an influential outdoor location, day or night and in any weather conditions. Temporal display refinement is also available to assist advertisers with the campaign structure, allowing brands to engage with their target demographic.

With key retailers spanning the likes of Marks and Spencer, Next, H&M, Primark and Boots, Westfield Stratford City is a primary location for targeting the public whilst they are already prepared to spend. The UK’s third largest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford City also integrates a Waitrose supermarket, 17-screen cinema and a Premier Inn Hotel.

The prominent location of Four Dials presents an unavoidable communication device, guaranteeing exposure across key urban spectators in addition to significant tourist audiences. With over 6million passengers entering Stratford station every month, North Star presents a colossal opportunity to access a consistent flow of public traffic.

Advertising on Four Dials provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.

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