The Foundry at Shoreditch, London

Expose your brand to the city of London with Out of Home International, across The Foundry banner site targeting the trendy district of Shoreditch. Spanning three lanes of traffic, the canvas provides access across the city’s influential mass of business and creative professionals by day and urban socialites by night. 


The Foundry captures vehicles and pedestrians heading into London’s business and financial district at Liverpool Street, also blanketing the daily mass of Underground passengers exiting Old Street Station. The Foundry experiences long-range visibility and extended dwell time thanks to the frequently congested traffic, receiving over 1.1million impacts per fortnight.

The 24 x 10m banner enables artwork to be catapulted across this significant outdoor location, offering high-impact projection. A primary site for premium campaigns, The Foundry is a valuable location for generating brand awareness for new products and entertainment releases, with passing City Airport traffic supplying a relevant travel-oriented audience.


The Foundry gives advertisers the chance to reach a 53.5% ABC1 demographic, spread evenly between male and female audiences, with over 80% of onlookers within the 16 – 55 age bracket.


Advertising on The Foundry provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate powerful exposure for their brand. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.