Blackfriars, Mega 48 Sheets

Advertise on a Mega 48 Sheet in the London district of Blackfriars with leading media specialists Out Of Home International, allowing your brand to become an invaluable component of the inner-city landscape along the River Thames.

Position your brand across this high profile location, showcasing your advert on a powerful Mega 48 Sheet with access to the city’s affluent urban population. Offering backlit platforms upon which to elevate your brand, these screens hold the versatile capability of either being used as standalone publicity or working within a multi-format campaign.

Blackfriars presents a valuable opportunity to expose your brand to a combination of commuters, local workers, pedestrians and tourists, with access to a consistent potent audience thanks to its central location. Generating a positive emotional response, the Mega 48 Sheet network can effectively generate high-impact communication of your advert.

The strategic locations of the Mega 48 Sheet collection ensure that brands naturally target important and professional audiences, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics appropriate to their product or service.

Having served prestigious brands such as Maxfactor, FedEx and Lexus, this portfolio of advertising spaces offers an option for everybody – from product launches and events to fashion brands and entertainment, the locations are positioned along dense traffic corridors, ensuring that your target audience can be reached. Resting within walking distance of iconic sites, Blackfriars presents coverage of London’s most influential audience right in the heart of the capital.

Advertising on the Blackfriars Mega 48 Sheet provides the perfect format for clients looking to powerfully expose their brand.

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