A3 Kingston Bypass

Advertise on the A3 Kingston By-pass with leading media specialists Out Of Home International, allowing your brand to become an invaluable part of Greater London’s outdoor landscape. 

Position your advert across this South West London suburb, elevating your advert along the busy A3 carriageway. Connecting London to the south coast of Portsmouth, Kingston By-pass receives a heavy flow of traffic, resulting in 1,356,593 impressions per fortnight.

Kingston By-pass exposes your brand to road users in the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames, blanketing both tourists and local residents in the area of New Malden. The A3 corridor is an effective standalone medium for showcasing regional promotions, whilst also offering a suitable addition to a multi-format campaign.

Less than 10 miles from the centre of London, Kingston By-pass provides a valuable platform for targeting commuters entering and exiting the London border, and also rests within 5 miles of Wimbledon Tennis Club, which draws thousands of visitors for the annual Championship tournament.