Birmingham Express

Your brand could be showcased across the key urban audience of Birmingham with Out of Home International, using the digital roadside site known as Birmingham Express. Elevated along the A38M Expressway connecting the M6 motorway to central Birmingham, Birmingham Express promises optimum exposure for your brand as it blankets this valuable transport corridor.


With access to around 39 million road users every year, Birmingham Express presents a substantial opportunity for catapulting your brand regionally. Its unavoidable presence above 7 lanes of traffic makes Birmingham Express an effective method of imprinting your advert in the minds of the public, with additional dwell time presented during periods of heavy traffic flow – such as the daily rush hour.


The double-sided high definition screens of Birmingham Express offer massive creative potential for brands looking to make a big impact. Measuring 7.1m x 5.1m, Birmingham Express can be seen at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.


Birmingham Express not only saturates those travelling to and from work on a daily basis, but it also accesses the abundance of national visitors entering the city for leisure or business purposes, and is also used by football fans travelling to matches for the West Midlands’ Premier League teams, Aston Vila and West Bromwich Albion.


The benefits of digital roadside advertising include substantial campaign flexibility, as advertisers are given the ability to refine their campaign in terms of time of day, traffic direction and even the weather. Birmingham Express is available as a standalone advert, but can also be incorporated into part of a more widespread campaign.


Advertising on Birmingham Express provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand. Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free advertising campaign plan.