Birmingham Gateway, Birmingham

Advertise across Birmingham Gateway with outdoor advertising specialists Out of Home International, exposing your brand across one of the city’s most frequented transport corridors.

Elevated in the heart of the city, Birmingham Gateway offers brands the opportunity to experience thousands of impacts per week.

Birmingham Gateway presents a powerful method of advertising to a dense section of Birmingham’s public, projecting your brand across a large format landscape billboard at a prime transport intersection. Raised above the road and offering subtle illumination, Birmingham Gateway allows artwork to be displayed from the elevated platform, day or night and in any weather conditions. 

As part of Birmingham’s outdoor landscape, Birmingham Gateway offers high-impact roadside coverage, exposing brands to a heavy mobile audience. A dominant communication device, the iconic site is a primary location for capturing a diverse population thanks to the neighbouring University College Birmingham, the city’s main BMW dealership and the surrounding city centre.

The Birmingham Gateway billboard screen is a perfect format for clients looking to project their campaign with force.

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