Glasgow Airport, Scotland

Showcase your brand across Scotland’s largest airport by advertising at Glasgow Airport with media specialists Out of Home International.

Connecting 6.5 million annual passengers between key domestic and international destinations, Glasgow Airport sees over 30% of its customers travelling for business purposes and holds a pivotal role in distributing professionals across the UK.


Offering both traditional and digital marketing formats, Glasgow Airport presents advertisers with a variety of promotional sites that can be used as a standalone brand awareness device or as part of a widespread campaign. With access to international tourists and both domestic and foreign business leaders, the airport is a key location for engaging with the public.


Advertising formats at Glasgow Airport include scrolling 6 sheets, roadside 96 sheets, NFC, Touchscreens, International Arrivals wrap, framed wraps, check-in domination, bulkhead wraps, lightboxes, terminal periphery domination, Mediawall, Surface Tables,  digital airport panels and departure screens.

The average total time spent on the airport site is almost 2.5 hours, making Glasgow a premium spot for generating a brand presence. Passengers are obliged to remain in these spaces for unavoidable periods of time, which allows the airport to behave as a key location for prompting impulse buys.

Glasgow is the only Scottish airport to offer flights to Orlando and Dubai, with other destinations including Toronto, New York and Amsterdam. The airport’s top destination is London Heathrow, with 58 flights per day running to and from England’s capital, giving brands the chance to expose themselves across a premium audience.

Advertising at Glasgow Airport provides the perfect location for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.

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