Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

Expose your campaign across Scotland’s busiest airport, Edinburgh, with media specialists Out of Home International, targeting holidaymakers in addition to professional business passengers.

Behaving as both a financial and cultural capital, the city receives 8.6 million airport visitors per year, with 73% arriving for leisure purposes.


Offering both traditional and digital marketing formats, Edinburgh Airport presents advertisers with a variety of promotional sites that can be used as a standalone brand awareness device or as part of a widespread campaign. With access to international tourists and both domestic and foreign business leaders, the airport is a key location for engaging with the public.


Advertising formats at Edinburgh Airport include scrolling 6 sheets, baggage reclaim domination,  roadside 48 sheets, wall wraps, Global Gateway, lightboxes, International Arrivals wrap, car park wrap, NFC, Touchscreens, Mediawall, Surface Tables,  Departure lounge domination and digital airport panels.


As the leading Scottish destination, Edinburgh Airport receives the largest influx of influential passengers, with heightened activity during the annual Edinburgh Festival. An average airport dwell time of 128 minutes ensures that advertising sites at Edinburgh are able to effectively infiltrate travelling audiences. Around 92% of passengers can be attributed to domestic and EU destinations, enabling advertisers to refine their campaigns to suit these audiences.


Advertising at Edinburgh Airport provides the perfect location for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.

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