Advertising in Heathrow Airport

Showcase your brand across London’s Heathrow Airport, the third busiest in the world, with media specialists Out of Home International.

Connecting major international cities with almost 90 airlines, Heathrow is responsible for a third of all UK airport traffic – including over 20 million business passengers.

An assortment of traditional and digital sites compose an extensive marketing network throughout the airport, presenting advertisers with a myriad of promotional sites that can be used as a standalone brand awareness device or as part of a widespread campaign. With access to international tourists and both domestic and foreign business leaders, Heathrow Airport is a key location for engaging with the public.

Advertising formats at Heathrow Airport include roadside banner domination, roadside 48 sheets, scrolling 6 sheets, Mediawall, Surface Tables,  scrolling squares, digital airport panels, carousel airport panels, check-in domination, Event TV, Powerpoles, NFC, Touchscreens, baggage reclaim domination,  lightboxes, zonal beacons, Global Gateway, framed wall wraps and hanging banners.

The average total time spent on the airport site is between 2.5 and 3 hours depending upon the terminal, and Heathrow Airport is a global leader in its impressive duty free retail spaces, highlighting a chief advertising opportunity for fashion and entertainment brands.

Passengers are obliged to remain in these spaces for unavoidable periods of time, making airports a key location for prompting impulse buys; Heathrow also exposes campaigns to a concentrated affluent audience who earn an average annual household income of over £66,000.

As the world’s number one international airport, Heathrow is heavily accessed by premium travellers both entering and exiting the globally prominent city of London. It is the only UK airport offering flights to Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Beijing, with 22% of passengers entering from North America, 12% from Asia and 33% from the EU.

Advertising at Heathrow Airport provides the perfect location for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.

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