Airport Advertising – Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the UK, providing consumers with both domestic flights within the UK, and international flights to destinations in throughout Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, North America and the Caribbean. This makes advertising in Birmingham airport a lucrative location in which to reach a wide ranging demographic.

The airport is a base for Flybe, Monarch, Ryanair, Thomas Cook Airlines and Thomson Airways. Whilst Flybe holds the most flights into and out of Birmingham, Monarch carry the most passengers, which will further be increased over the next 12 months with the introduction of a number of new routes and frequencies.

Why Advertise in Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport currently boasts nearly 10 million passengers a year although the airport has published a master plan for its development up to 2030, called “Towards 2030: Planning a Sustainable Future for Air Transport in the Midlands”. This sets out details of changes to the terminals, airfield layout and off-site infrastructure.
Within the terminal there are numerous illuminated and non-illuminated poster sites of varying sizes. These are located in zones restricted to passengers, as well as areas open to the general public. They provide excellent opportunities to gain brand exposure as passengers, especially those flying out, having long dwell times in each location.

Outside the terminal on the frontage and along the approach roads there are a variety of sites, from illuminated 4-sheets aimed at pedestrians to overhead gantries targeted at the over 4.7m motorists using the site each year.