Advertising At Heathrow

London Heathrow is the world’s second busiest international airport, welcoming over 74 million passengers per year and connecting the UK to 180 destinations worldwide. Advertising in Heathrow opens up a vast audience. In 2015 more people passed through Heathrow than walked past London’s famous Piccadilly Circus!

Why Airport Advertising?

Advertising at Heathrow gives access to an impressive 38% of passengers travelling on business, Heathrow advertising provides advertisers with the rare opportunity to get in front of time poor, highly influential business decision makers.

At the only airport with a direct route between the UK and China, as well as welcoming nearly 7 million passengers from BRIC nations each year, Heathrow is in a unique position to reach valuable passengers from emerging economies.

Who Can Airport Advertising Target?

Heathrow Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is Heathrow’s newest and most technologically advanced terminal. With advertising sites built into the fabric of the terminal, digital dominates the departures area making it an engaging and dynamic space for advertisers to reach a valuable audience.

In its opening year T2 served 12.5 million passengers and has a capacity of 20 million passengers per year when fully operational. With a 48% AB profile and 39% travelling on business, Terminal 2 has an enviable audience of high net worth individuals and international business executives.

T2 is the home of Star Alliance, the worlds’ leading global airline network including Air China, United Airlines, Lufthansa and Air Canada. With multiple flag carrier airlines and routes to key financial hubs across the globe including Frankfurt, Singapore and New York, T2 provides access to an influential upmarket audience.
Source: London Heathrow Airport 2015

Heathrow Terminal 3

With Heathrow’s highest foreign leisure profile at 39% and the largest volume of passengers travelling to the Far East, Terminal 3 is of critical importance for advertisers wishing to reach affluent foreign visitors travelling to and from the UK.

T3 reaches almost 1.5 million Chinese passengers a year, one of the most valuable audiences to the UK economy with the average Chinese visitor spending £1,600 whilst in the UK. To complete its long-haul credentials, Terminal 3 has the largest proportion of flights to Australasia. The lavish retail offering is perfectly suited to the luxury-loving audience that passes through.

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Heathrow Terminal 4
Terminal 4 is a hub for long haul international travel, with 58% of flights travelling to destinations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. As one of the dominant terminals for BRIC nations it provides access to some of the most sought after and influential passengers in the world. In particular it delivers valuable Russian consumers as the UK Aeroflot hub. The terminal’s retail offering is perfectly suited to these luxury-loving BRIC nationals; it’s no surprise that it is home to the airport’s first Cath Kidston store.

Source: London Heathrow Airport 2015

Heathrow Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is widely considered the blueprint for airport development of the future. Welcoming 33.2 million passengers a year Terminal 5 is Heathrow’s busiest terminal, hosting flights to 110 destinations. As British Airways’ main hub it delivers an outstanding passenger experience that saw it voted ‘Best Airport Terminal’ in the Skytrax World Airport Awards for the fourth time in 2015.

Terminal 5 has Heathrow’s highest business profile at 43% and is the airport’s leading domestic business hub. With over 16 million passengers travelling on business each year Terminal 5 is key for advertisers trying to reach the valuable C-suite and business executive audience.

Source: Heathrow Airport 2015